Saturday, February 26, 2005

When life needs you to be a little more than stupid!

When you have journeyed so far and overcome so many hurdles, is it fair to your walking shoes or your guiderails to never let go of all of the road that you left behind?

Does it make sense to always fall back into the place where you have worked so hard to come out of? I mean come on do you actually think that you are doing this on your own. Selfishness is the forerunner of making people not see that there are other people and other people's lives that they are resposible for.

Growing up means growing as an organism that bears fruit. When you are constantly placing yourslef in position to fall back, to keep reaching back and bringing the "old road" with your you your growth is at risk of being stunted, you are never fully able to bear the fruit that you are designed to provide to nurture so many people are just waiting, needing, DYING, to eat from the gift that YOU are carelessly making a mockery of.

You're growing, your leaves are all green and pretty, and when the wind passes through them it makes thee most peaceful sound "afect", for whatever reason you do not yeild what has been so expected, so needed, so righteous of you. You bear only what takes little to no effort to spout.

You know what happens? People will take what they can get, even thought they shouldn't, even though the see that something that they should be getting is not there, but guess what? They do realize that the fruit you are bearing is only giving them so much nutrients until their body (spirit) overides them and they leave and go get what they deserve, and that is what you don't want to do.

Grow my trees so that yu can be proud to give only the sweetest to someone else's life. Do what you now that they deserve. You are designed to provide so much more that what you are providing right now. It is a brand new season, GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT ALL UP!!!!


AAA IT MUST BE TRUE, its truly been lived by me and all I can do is share my testimony with you.


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