Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Taking the Edge off Going Haywire: Snacking

Good evening to all those curious souls who seek to take in advice from a godly standpoint. I want to keep it simple in this three-part-series on "Taking the edge off Going Haywire."

We know that self-discipline is one of our major struggles, especially as believers in our twenties who are coming into our own in purpose, worship, and action. I ask the Lord what it is I can do to basically give sound advice within the 17 minutes that I have before I have to head home.

In my head I am going "Discipline, umm stength, routine, patience" Believe it or not, you know what I have come up with? SNACKING. Well think about it. Food is a wonderful invention. We want all of the time, and no matter what we will always need some form of it.

To my men and women who are congruent with me in the fact that eating is at the top of my list just under my obedience to the Lord I will begin.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or just waiting for "it" happen (keep praying) it is important that you watch your health. Many of us associate health with watching our weight.

The next time we decide to snack on some Oreos, or Snickers, or Ruffles, or ice-cream and burgers, Let's think first. WE KNOW THAT WE STILL HAVE DINNER TO COME, OR LUNCH, SO LET'S NOT WASTE OUR APPETITE. But I am so hungry, you say?

TRY Cheezits or mini muffins, try baby carrots and pretzels. This method will keep you not only from over eating, but eating all of your snacks up in one setting long before you day is done.

IT IS ALL ABOUT DISCIPLINE In II Peter 2:1-10 the word of God tells us about discipline. We need to go through the process of maintaining self-discipline so that we may have a productive relationship with the Lord.

YOU SHOULD NOT TRY THIS ALONE As I have mentioned before for you need someone else who believes in what you are doing so much that they are willing to participate so that you can hold each other accountable. ECCLESIASTES 4:9-12 Gives us instruction on how not to do things alone and how bad is for a person to stuble with no one else around them to help. Your friend is out there for you, your partner in prayer and worship and deed.

GOODNIGHT Thank you for listening.

AAA IT MUST BE TRUE GOD gave it to me, it works and I am giving it to you. Take your time to see your prayers through.


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