Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mindful if want to make it happen

Good evening heros!!!! I am happy to be able to at least reach out to you, a blessing added on to that would be if you reached back. I just want to say look at us. We are in our third month of 2005. I know that there are a number of us who a keeping it steady. Acutally let us together define keeping it steady:

1. Steady as you are keeping focused
2. When you are under a spiritual attack,
yet you refuse to give in to the enemy
3. Those of you who keep steady give your-
time to breath and asses a hectic situ-
ation and then relize that you were in
more control than you thought.
4. A person who has kept it steady since
January 1, is someone who was mindful in
their worship enough to praise God for
putting them in a situation that would
only strengthen my armor.

YEAH THAT'S STEADY MY HUMANS. We should take the stress off of ourselves and begin to know that we have an obligation to WORK TOWARD ETERNITY. Does it hurt hear my friends? Do you feel uneasy sometimes my male and female soldiers? You feel alien because you are not at home, this is a temporary situation here. You use this opportunity to prais the Lord because he put you in the "GAME" that is what you do here.

AAA IT MUST BE TRUE. It has been given to me to blog staight to. And I don't get off giving wrong information to you.


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