Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ocean's 12 on my list of B..S.. "budget" FILMS

Let me tell you what a bullcrap strategy to make freakin' money Ocean's 12 is. I saw this big freakin' budget. All I grab is the follwing:

Multi-million dollar budget
Gives spin-off to what was a cool film
A joke of a sequel aimed to raise hard earned money out of people's pockets
And nobody seems to freakin' catch on to it.

I AM TELLING YOU OCEAN'S TWELVE WAS A FREAKIN' HOAX! Who and the hell ballets through a security system by himself, a forty-year-old at that! Steals a relic that is worth over 190 million dollars and makes it believable. No one! This is what I got from Oceans twelve.

These guys needed to stick to Casinos and get money hungry. It was no thing for them to write out Don Chedele and Burnie Mac this time around. Burnie stayed in jail the whole half of the film and didn't get out until the caper was over.

Okay Let me beging to make some sense. You got to this movie right. YOu come feeling in your head this is going to be great because Oceans 11 was written so well. Well the Movie runs it's time and I all I can say is that yeah they tilted a house, but where did they get the resources from, they cracked this really tough code...fine, whatever!

But what pair of security gaurds who know that they have to take multi-million dollar merchandise on a train and have a kid as the front man, acutally fall for thee old switch-a-roo when it comes to letting two American guys in $8,000 suits and baseball caps squabble all over their coffee table conviently enough to let the merchandise get taken from them.

Hell I i'll be back. Oh and the bit about Julia Roberts and her act with Bruce Willis, what was that for; anothr joke. Katherine Zeta-Jones and her pursuit for her long lost dad who she was searcing for for the longest while mentioning his name ten times over in the movie as if he was some other guy.

I say this movie has cool scenes, but the storyline was horribly-lazily scripted. I hate when the movie industry pulls punches like this. "Well we know that with the names that we bring to the table we will get the crowds money," who cares if they are not happy, we aren't going to make a part three. Better yet let's make an even crappier ending than stupid movien Mel Gibson played in where he was supposed to be bad guy.


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