Friday, July 08, 2005

First Nations

written by the brother bartell -- world wide exposure campaign

Did you know that the Indians of Canada are called “First Nations”? That is the politically correct term for the original people of Canada which is equal to the term “Native American” as we refer to the original (aboriginal) people of the United States.

Here is some more food for you. Canada passed the “Indian Act” of 1857. The British Parliament (Colonizers) were interested in the “Gradual Civilization of Canada” which entailed the relinquishing of all Indian land, language, and culture in exchange for British Citizenship. This law said that if an Indian man learned to read and signed pledge to “live as a white”; he was allowed to vote, own property, and serve on a jury.

In order to further control these First Nations, The British commissioned an “Indian-Agent” among each reserve. This de-facto ruler had no true legal or official clout within the government law books, but was aided by the British to keep “Indians” in line.

Under the “Indian Act” Indians had to have written permission leave their reservations. Britain in the 1950’s sought ways to impose apartheid. This systematic form of control was so attractive to them that “pass laws” were based on Canada’s’ “Indian Act”.


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