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Should Our First Time Be On the Floor? By brother bartell

Self control is what it is going to take for you to have a successful Booty Boycott. I was reading about the story of Ruth. In chapter 3, I found out that Ruth, who by this time had lost her husband, was encouraged to take on a new husband out of tradition.

The gentleman that Ruth was to be married to was Boaz. Boaz was a businessman who owned land and he also had servants. He was “next-of-kin” to Ruth and because of their tradition; the male “next-of-kin” had the choice to marry the wife of a deceased family member.

Now, Ruth needed to earn a living, so she began working on his land. Upon Ruth’s arrival at his workplace, Boaz made it a point to make sure that she was respected by the male workers and ensured that no harm came to her.
Ruth’s stepmother Naomi was impressed by his gestures and encouraged Ruth to visit him one night. On this night Boaz had had his fill of food and drink and went to bed. When Ruth found his bed, she followed her mother-in-law’s instructions and lay down at his feet. This gesture would signal to Boaz that Ruth was offering her body to him for intercourse.

What Boaz does next is why I know this “Booty Boycott” can work. When Boaz woke up to find Ruth in his bed, he would not have intercourse with her. He did not have intercourse with her because he wanted to go through the proper channels.

Today, this same idea is real. Men can show the same level of self-control that Boaz did. If a woman likes you so much to where she would give her body to you because she feels she owes it to you, you have choice.

Many women feel obligated in some cases to offer sex as a repayment to a man’s niceness—No more! There are women who feel pressure (pressure from themselves) that just because some time has gone by that sex is the next thing that should happen—No more, the next thing that should happen is more communication, laughter, and learning to feel truly secure around each other.

How do you know when it is the right time to have sex? Why not ask the question…When do you know that a person truly has your best interest in mind?

What would you do if a young lady you really liked had one too many drinks, and you know that she is not in her right mind and offers you the opportunity to kiss a little bit, but you know that sex would not normally go down. What do you do when you know that if you keep going she will give you little resistance (but resistance nonetheless)?

By the way…After Boaz told Ruth no, he told her to sleep there until morning; she did this, but got up early before people saw her leaving his home. Boaz did not want Ruth to appear as some loose immoral woman. I bet Ruth felt relieved to not have her first sexual experience with this man on the floor (the threshing floor actually). Today, men have the same power to make sure that our women (no matter how they talk, look, act, or dress) wake up feeling good about themselves.

My position is not so much where you have sex, but why. You could very well be compromising yourself in the bedroom. So, again, why and when you decide to have sex is most important. Some people feel that they are too busy for a real relationship and casual sex is their comfort zone. I do not frown upon that so much, because main concern is if you feel less than good when you are done. You know when it is not the best time when your self-esteem feels lowered...Think about it.

The Booty Boycott asks us to bring back this level of concern between men and women. As you commit to this Booty Boycott please remember that the aim is to override your impulses and remember that No Sex On The Weekends is non-negotiable.

When you take on this level of leadership in your life, other people will benefit, become inspired and make adjustments in their own lives. Go to work on Monday guilt-free!


Blogger Carolyn said...

Peace to you. I admire your endeavor. However Ruth, by laying at Boaz's feet, was proposing marriage; not sex. To cover her with his skirt was a euphemism for marriage. Boaz was not the next of kin but he did follow the proper channels in order to marry Ruth. God blessed them for doing things the right way. Abstinence from sex before marriage will be blessed.

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