Saturday, October 08, 2011

Before We Go Too Far

I remember that one song by Janet Jackson "Let's Wait A While". It was a pretty awesome song. When It came out I may have been in the third grade,and I probably had no clue what she meant, but the tune was strong! I was reminded of this song as I listened to the radio today. It was the Doug Banks Show, and the topic was surroundng the various lengths that people would go to find out if someone they loved were cheating. One woman actually admitted to riding around with a .38 calibur gun hoping to catch her husband and his mistress in the act becasue she would actually have shot both of them.

She said this with such confidence--I mean, the pride and energy in her voice makes me feel sad for the situation that she was in. She had gone too far. I am further reminded that "The Booty Boycott" is so important right now because it gives people a way out. If that woman feels that she was brought to the point in her marriage to actually ride around with a loaded gun only to make statement, then I feel that she saw no other option to achieve peace.

Peace is all people want in this life. Some of them seek relationships in order to acheive a sense of security. I want people to have that peace as well and I want to offer them ideas that will give them genuine peace in the relationships.

Before you go too far, learn how to judge a potential mate. Does this person have genuine goals for their life. Is this person concerned about the welfare of others and have you seen first hand their actions that support this? Determine if you are compatitble by seeing what you have in common, and using that sixth sense (not the one that says we can make it through the hard times, but the one that says this is a good person for me or not)

Befor you go to far, learn yourself. What is your purpose, where is your self-esteem? Are you a good person? Are you someone is abusive and insecure? One way to stop this behavior is by finding joy in your own life. Learn how to spend time alone and understand that you are worthy of


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