Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"Women you have to be able to recognize the red flags that we give off. Diligently we will seek you. Flowers prematurely, introductions to family members before you and I have experienced true conversation with each other.

You allow me to look deep into your eyes and move deep within your heart when I have not taken one loving step or secure glance toward you.
Woman! I am out of shape, BUT you keep enduring the race that I should be running, but I can never repay you because I am not focused. You will become angered as I find another runner, another talented, loving, and kind thoroughbred to run for me.

Woman! I need you! When I want money, you give it. When I want to feel good you give it. When I don’t want to be bothered a few days here and there you wait. When I want go back to her, you wait for that. So do not be offended now when I ask you to truly help me; to really help me…to help me by helping yourself.

Woman! Demand from me character and I will change from my lazy ways and give you security. Demand that I show ambition and I will refuse to drive in the passenger seat of your car for months and years on end. Woman! Discipline yourself and I will become inspired to be the leader that I was designed to be.

Woman! Take time and see what is happening to our families and know that when women unite, our families will suffer no more. Woman! Unite!" As women unite as you have done in the past I will wake up at last. I know many of you will feel as if I need to be talking to the men, so I say... just try to hear me and know that we have a good chance at change if we start from this point.

God Bless Your Journeys. Repost Please

P.S. If you are wondering how this picture applies to the booty boycott, imagine a continuation of family dysfunction. Imagine fathers who never realize how much positivity they can bring to a child. The community starves. When families are broken, mother bury their sons prematurely. There are too many "baby boys" who die before they do any real work at all.