Wednesday, December 21, 2011


How could we get 500 couples moved into the same neighborhood? 1. All of us devoted to the continuation of God in the home. 2. Upheld roles of manhood and womanhood as relates strong marriages, parenting, brotherhood, sisterhood and loyal friendships. How could we do this?

How can we leave a legacy a culture where the children of these communities not only felt safe, but were groomed to be strong enough to serve the needs of those outside of the community. Can this go beyond dreams?

Ceremonies that promoted the achievments of the members of this community. A place where our money worked for us; and greed, jealousy and vanity was overthrown by good sense, patience and self-discipline. How could 500 couples set aside the misteachings of this world and unearth/rekindle the true principles that make life...whole? That make living stable?

Could our children's children manage such teachings? Such weath? Such responsibility? Could this be? A place where people policed themselves? Imagine the possibilities...Community gardens and livestock, talent shows and etiquette balls for our children. Or, should we just let these current conditions cause us all to feel as if we have no control of our destiny?

Our own stores, movies, dry-cleaners, gyms, restaurants, pharmacies, clubs, parks, churches, schools, museums were loved and not disrespected by the members of the community? Annual parades, scholarships, Barbecues, Fairs? Whaaaat? How Mighty of a people these 500 couples would produce?

A community were women trusted one another; were adored by her man and children and mothers passed on similar to identical teachings to their sons and daughters. A special place where men were taught real manhood by many real men. Where men learned skills like welding, speaking, mathematics, how to pray and how to communicate with their children and their woman. WOW. A place were people believed in keeping this community safe so much that they would not molest a child, would not trade wives, but set aside lust and hatred to bring stability to this community.

Just think...500 couples willing to fight for safety, a piece of mind, CULTURE, and love. Is anyone out there? Someone strong enough to comment? God Bless YOu. All 1000 of you. --brother bartell