Saturday, February 26, 2005

When life needs you to be a little more than stupid!

When you have journeyed so far and overcome so many hurdles, is it fair to your walking shoes or your guiderails to never let go of all of the road that you left behind?

Does it make sense to always fall back into the place where you have worked so hard to come out of? I mean come on do you actually think that you are doing this on your own. Selfishness is the forerunner of making people not see that there are other people and other people's lives that they are resposible for.

Growing up means growing as an organism that bears fruit. When you are constantly placing yourslef in position to fall back, to keep reaching back and bringing the "old road" with your you your growth is at risk of being stunted, you are never fully able to bear the fruit that you are designed to provide to nurture so many people are just waiting, needing, DYING, to eat from the gift that YOU are carelessly making a mockery of.

You're growing, your leaves are all green and pretty, and when the wind passes through them it makes thee most peaceful sound "afect", for whatever reason you do not yeild what has been so expected, so needed, so righteous of you. You bear only what takes little to no effort to spout.

You know what happens? People will take what they can get, even thought they shouldn't, even though the see that something that they should be getting is not there, but guess what? They do realize that the fruit you are bearing is only giving them so much nutrients until their body (spirit) overides them and they leave and go get what they deserve, and that is what you don't want to do.

Grow my trees so that yu can be proud to give only the sweetest to someone else's life. Do what you now that they deserve. You are designed to provide so much more that what you are providing right now. It is a brand new season, GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT ALL UP!!!!


AAA IT MUST BE TRUE, its truly been lived by me and all I can do is share my testimony with you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Simply This...

For so many of us seem to cause so much frustration. We flip quarters we ask five or ten, maybe even fifteen people for advice (unless you are me in that case you would have reaced the sixty plus marker).

What do you do when you have to make these decisions and it seems that you fail to come up with answers... you choose one! My friends you just simply have to choose and have the faith in the Lord that you will be well taken care of. You have to choose.

AAA IT MUST BE TRUE I am making choices every day, whether or not I think it is what I want, God continues to make a way to show me through.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Nutritional Value in Stumbling

I appreciate the opportunity I have to share what I have with you on this morning which is ever so finely revealing it's self to me. I am truly honored to be a part of your daily thoughts and evolution. I see you being stronger because you search for a truth that you deserve. May you give glory to what is greater in you than that which is in the world.

STUMBLING is viewed as failure, or disaster, a relationsip that has had to come to an end, or perhaps a fall that has made all things that follow much worse. To me a stumble was at one point a reason to sit all the way down. Stumbles for some of us become fumbles and someone else seems to have obtained victory from the lack of focus or coverage that you displayed.
For so many stumbling can be a mark of dissapointment, sinfulness, inadequecy, a breech of contract. IT IS NONE OF THE ABOVE.

WHEN you take on a trip that requires you to commit to a particular goal you are often intructed before during and after you have achieved that goal. For so very many young people getting saved, and seeking to walk as Jesus walked this prepares them for an eternity in God's kingdom.

WHAT happens when you are on your journey and you become faced with temptations, and fear, what happens when you come into faithlessness and laziness, you find yourself alone, and reminded of how you used to be. In fact you reminice over how good it felt during time when you weren't saved. DID YOU THINK THAT THINGS WERE GOING TO BE PERFECT BECAUSE YOU ACCEPTED CHRIST INTO YOUR LIFE? Well if that is the case don't feel bad, you are not sadly mistaken, you are merely in need for some guidence. Notice that I saidmerely in need for some guidance, this is because it is God promises to keep you and will not let you go becuase you are a believer.

WHO of us is perfect? Not one. Allow me to use a short example to assist you with rest of this blog. When person who is in forward motion of walking and an obstacle that she/he was not able to go around causes him to sway and loose balance, this in fact is a stumble. As his brain reminds him of what his body must do to keep walking he straigtens up and may even look back at what he stumbled over so that he may be prepared for next time. This person also has enough balance and lower body strength to ensure that this minor stumble does not become a complete fall. That is awesome!

HOW could there be a beauty in stumbling how can you appreciate that you just stumbled and made a complete fool of yourself? I immediately think of how many Swedish marathon runners stumble to the finishline and find themselves winner. Then I think of how I have stumbled in my life and knew only one thing and that was that "I did not have the option of sitting down and staying down even if I was hurt. Neither do you, but you do have the right to stumble.

DID YOU KNOW that for you to walk on a road and stumble as you are on your way home is a good thing, that means that you first had the desire to begin a journey, and when you stumbled you had the strength and memory to not fall, and knew that even in stumbling you were still moving forward? You are still moving forward. When someone stumbles their mind and their memory goes into overdrive and it does whatever it possibly can to make sure that this person does not completel fall down.

I WANT you to see that I am not trying to get you to be satisfied with your performance and not work hard anymore. I want you to know that there is a differnce with those who merely stumble,and those who fall and lay flat on their faces. The stumbler's mind remains on the goal; they keep on walking just as the winner the first set out to be. That practice alone separates people who stumble from those who fall. The fallen don't realize that they do have to just live in their mistackes. Those who pridefully stumble keep telling themselves to keep it together and know that it is not over.

AAA IT MUST BE TRUE because God gave it to me so I give it right to you, and this to walk in love your whole life through. I am tired out my mind so this blog might cause for a redo.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The Son's Rising of Friendship

Morning everyone, It is an honor to serve each and every one of you here on this day by providing you with truth that has come to my life. I want to write to you, humbly write to you on my evolution in friendship.

Ernst (urnst) is my good friend we started off as prayer partners around the beginning of last year '04. We have asked the Lord to enter our brotherhood and help us to hold each other accountable for our commitments to Him.

It is important that I mention my experience with friendship because we (especially young men) live an enourmous untruth when it comes to how men should act. All of this what is "manly" over what is "gay". In this blog I will give each one of you details so that you my recognize for your own self the characteristics of a healthy male relationship.

LOVE for God and for each other is the key to a lasting bond in brotherhood. Ernst and I both seek to glorify God in all that we do. When we first began our initial relationships as prayer partners we weren't sure of what should happen. We were both at a mature understanding in God to where the idea made sense, but our consistency had to develop with fine-tuning. We would pray one day, and a whole month would go by before we prayed again. We would start up again and go on spiritual leave all over again. We eventually got the hang of it and one day Ernst said to me "brother, I've been thinking that if we gone roll with the Lord then we gotta' do like our life depended on it; it cain't be no other way", he professed. "We need to look at our prayer life as something we need every day and if we don't we might die!".

HONESTY in our actions. In the word of God we are instructed to confess or sins to our bretheren (sisters who read this you too!) We are both abstaining from sexual activity and there were time in our journey that we had become weak and strayed from our path. Almost simultaneously we both recognized the importance of letting the other friend know when you have made a mistake or stumbled. This is essential because he/she is there to help you and desperately needs your help and your love. Be honest because your friend may have done something he is not proud of and doesn't know that it is alright to confess to you for fear of judgement or breech of contract, but God does not work that way God is a forgiving master and like him your friend should be there for your. (THAT IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE TWO OF YOU TO ENGAGE IN PRAYER DAILY)

FREEDOM FROM ALL INHIBITIONS cement a life long bond in your friendship. I told Ernst this morning as we were returning from Ballys that " I used to ask God what my boy would be like, man that is man like me, and we could relate to each other in life." I told Ernst this I told him that I am proud to know him and that we are going to let brother know what type of relationship they deserve to grow healthily in their own lives. I laugh with this brother all the time, I worship with this brother all of the time, I go before God for him as you should for your "boy" or your "girl"! If we want life to be grand for each of us we must change how we understand what is greatness what is "Hype" and not smilin' because you are "too hard" for all that an inability to express love because you are "too grimey" that is WEAKNESS. You will always have issues in your life not only your relationship with your friends but in with your father, other people in your family, your spouse, and don't forget God! You will limit your relationship with the Lord because you will not release.

GUIDANCE will be something that the two of you naturally provide for each other. Ernst and I hold each other accountable. "Ernst, what did you eat today Ernst?" I will ask to make sure he sticks to his diet. "brother bartell, what is your prayer life looking like brother? Have you been reading your Bible?" How are your classes, are you coming to Worship Service on Sunday, it's 4:40 am you know that we will be meeting at Ballys by five-thirty. As a friend you must be a stronghold, if no other person can keep a secret or tell you the truth about yourself a godly friendship with display this characteristic.

SUPPORT is important and is a great resopnsibility. People get jealous so easily, I pray for God's goodness to be all over Ernst. I pray that he will be open to his purpose in life. I always want to lift him up and never tear him down. Throughout are young lives we are jealous in our friendships these days, when one friend receives a blessing somehow it get translated in to some type of threat to the other. Or when one friend begins to live a better life that is pleasing God, the other friend want to remind the friend who has grown of how much dirt he or she used to do. We will ask ourselves "what am I doing wrong?", or "when am I gonna get all that he/she is getting?" This is a sin and, we have to get that junk our of your system or else are friendships with surely fail. Every single time.

WHY is this so important? Why are you being opinionated? I have not intention to point a finger at anyone, I want you to know what you deserve from life what your options are. When it comes to anything that you keep close to you in life, it will be better for you if it is clean, and does not harm you are tear you down. Your friends should make inspire you to seek more in life, you should inspire them to want to live better, for something greater than themselves.

AAA IT MUST BE TRUE because it was given from God to me to share with you, and I will not give you any trash only words to make your life true. Amen

Thursday, February 17, 2005

However I can help! The beggining of guidance

I was once asleep, deathly asleep, and as I can help it, if there is anyone at risk of being asleep as I was, I am doing all I can to make sure that they do not have to be in that situation. This is my first blog, and I am so excited of what is to come. So I say trust your "brother"!